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Mask Policy Clarity (and One Adjustment)

This update is intended to provide clarity and an adjustment to the current Cal Lutheran mask policy. 

Fri May 21, 2021

Cal Lutheran Community,

This update is intended to provide clarity and an adjustment to the current Cal Lutheran mask policy. As many are aware, recent changes in CDC guidance have led to some confusion regarding our campus mask requirements.

Overall, please know that the State of California guidance for higher education and Cal-OSHA have both elected to keep existing mask requirements in place until June 15, and Cal Lutheran is required to follow that guidance. Below are additional details:

  1. State of California guidance requiring masking while indoors has not changed – All Cal Lutheran staff, faculty, and students must wear masks when indoors unless they are an employee in a private and enclosed space or they are in an active process of eating or drinking.  Employees that have their masks removed for eating or drinking must be physically distanced from other employees.
  1. There is currently no provision for unmasking indoors because of vaccination status – As discussed above, students and employees either vaccinated or unvaccinated who are indoors will need to follow existing State mask guidance until at least June 15 when State guidance may be changed.
  1. Starting on Monday, May 24, Cal Lutheran will no longer require outdoor masking – To bring Cal Lutheran policy in line with State policy, Cal Lutheran will no longer require outdoor masking on university campuses. Individuals MUST wear masks, however, in situations in which physical distancing cannot be maintained.
  1. Mask removal to eat or drink in classrooms remains prohibited – All individuals in classrooms are asked to step outside to either eat or drink.
  1. Individuals may elect to continue to wear masks outdoors – Some individuals may wish to continue to wear masks outdoors for a variety of reasons or may be uncomfortable with removing their masks. The campus community is asked to respect those individual’s views in order to maintain our inclusive community.

Finally, and as mentioned above, new guidance regarding masking and many other COVID protocols is expected within the next month, and please know that additional changes will be forthcoming. Current protocol is guided by the following documents:

Please contact me regarding any questions.

Ryan Van Ommeren
Associate VP, Operations and Planning
Director, Emergency Operations Center